What is PrizePool?

PrizePool is an FDIC insured savings account where every dollar deposited gives you a ticket to a monthly prize drawing where each PrizePool ticket is entered to win a grand prize of $25k as well as thousands of smaller cash prizes.

Every $1 you deposit to your PrizePool savings account gets you one ticket each day. For example, if you have $100 deposited in your PrizePool savings account from August 1st to August 31st, you will have 3,100 tickets! All tickets accrued during the month will be entered into the monthly drawing -- There are over 4,000 winners totaling $50,000 in cash prizes each month including one $25,000 Grand Prize.

You can't lose.

Even if  you didn’t win this month, you’re still saving money and your balance can never decrease!

Completely Free and No Minimums.

PrizePool has no hidden fees, monthly fees, or transfer fees. There is no required minimum balance, no account service charges, and no overdraft fees.

Win 10% More on All Your Prizes.

Refer your friends and you both win 10% more! When they win, they get a 10% boost on their prize, and you get a referral bonus of 10% of their winnings. Never expires, so save together for as long as you're both using PrizePool!  Use promo code Y8VEN to earn your 10% bonus.